Reviews and Comments

"Ash invites you to master the art of going sane."
- Playboy Magazine

""Bold, brash and brillliant...Ash puts Christ on a pogo stick, Buddha in running shoes and makes ashes out of standard brand spiritual exercises. Mel Ash makes ashes out of standard-brand spiritual exercises, and what emerges, like a phoenix, is a new way of being Being."
- Jean Houston, consciousness pioneer,
author of A Mythic Life, The Possible Human and Mind Games,
and advisor to Hillary Clinton.

"Ash brings together the wisdom of Zen with the spirituality of recovery. He speaks to the problems of life in an exciting, dynamic and practical approach."
-Father Leo Booth, author of When God Becomes a Drug

"Excellent, excellent, excellent! We're honored to be able to sponsor your work. Thank you for doing your work with such creativity, style and grace."
- Rev. Doug Wilson, following a series of workshops
and retreats led by Mel at the Rowe Unitarian Universalist
Camp and Conference Center. Rowe, Mass.

"Ash can help you find the present moment in a way you may never have thought possible. He provides the tools and exercises for untangling life's knots in order to flow with naked experience."
-Magical Blend Magazine

"Ash's roll-up-your-sleeves approach to personal development testifies to the fact that putting good advice to practice can be hard slogging, whether you're talking Ten Commandments or the Four Noble Truths. No, this new soldier in the self-help bookshelf phalanx is more like a curious scout rather than an opinionated general."
-Bill Rodriguez, Providence Phoenix

"The real gift of his book (Beat Spirit), especially for young readers, is the encouragement he provides to not shut down. Extracting positive, applicable lessons from even dark prophets like Burroughs, Ash helps readers find new reasons and ways to, as Kerouac ordained, ""Be in love with yr life."
-Publisher's Weekly

"I believe Mel Ash has written one of the most brilliant and helpful books about spirituality and recovery in recent years. It's not simply a Buddhist book or a book about alcoholism. No, it's a book about something beyond sectarian belief that all of us are looking for."
-Rev. Thomas Ahlburn, First Unitarian Universalist Church of Providence

The Zen of Recovery by Mel Ash excerpted in The Complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding Buddhism by Gary Gach, p. 114

"Zen is the ultimate and original recovery program. It exposes our denial of true self and shows us how we've suffered because of our diseases of attachment, judgment and division. It suggests a program for recovering our original nature and teaches steps we can take immediately. It shows us how all our other diseases and discontents flow from our fundamental denial of unity with each other and the universe."

óMel Ash

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