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The classic Eastern wisdom based recovery alternative is now available in audiobook and ebook.

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A Personal Message

The Site

Thanks for visiting my newly re-launched website! In celebration of the release of my first book, The Zen of Recovery on Kindle, we are completely re-envisioning the site with the cyber-wizardry of MRM WebDesign. In addition, I will be commencing a full teaching schedule and anticipate a new roster of publications.

Information on these activities can be found on the site, as well as cool links, writings and artwork, stuff to print out and even books and artwork to purchase. If you have any ideas, suggestions, questions or requests, just drop me a line at the site's email.

With The Zen of Recovery's recent Kindle launch, the book and my work fully enter the 21st century and the brave, new world of cyber-space. It is my hope that both my work and this site will reflect the new paradigm. It is a time of both great fear and great hope. The stakes have never been higher. It is obvious we must evolve as beings or face disaster, personal and global.

If you want to find your true human nature, become who you really are and recover from the addictions (chemical, cultural, spiritual, political...) that diminish and kill us, you're in the right place. There is no dogma here, no musts or shoulds: just permission (see The Rules). Welcome to!

Thank you!

A thousand bows and hugs to my readers, past and present who have made my first book, The Zen of Recovery, a classic and kept it in print for 20 years! The book was a gift to me, a surprise and a great personal healing. The first book to blend Eastern wisdom and practice with 12-step recovery, it has proven to be a viable model of recovery for many thousands, no matter the nature of their dependency or suffering. Many, many more have used the book simply to improve the quality of their lives and to start on a personal spiritual path to freedom.

It humbles me deeply to think of the many letters and comments I've received through the years testifying to the book's power to change people's lives. In workshop after workshop across the country, I have seen the immediate impact of this simple message and method. Together, we get better. And we stay better by passing it on.

The Teaching

My work and this site are about exploring what it means to be human in this time and place, and how we can consciously take charge of our own growth, attaining mastery. The teachings are a result of my Zen training, counter-cultural experience and ongoing exploration of alternative models of consciousness and ways of being.

My second and third books, Shaving the Inside of Your Skull and Beat Spirit, continue to explore areas of human potential psychology, psychedelic gospel, world religion, 12-step recovery and bohemian arts-based spirituality as valuable tools for personal transformation and spiritual enlightenment. My recovery from alcoholism thirty years ago was merely the first step of a long journey of self-discovery and awakening. I hope you’ll join me as we continue the journey together.

As always, my stress is on how to manage and maximize your creative and imaginative powers as paths to attainment. In all my teachings and writings, Zen practice is the ongoing theme, thread and tool. I am, when all is said and done, a Zen teacher. You have been warned!

I hope my work always justifies your faith in me and that you, yourself, continue to spread healing and consciousness in your own lives and communities. The work is endless, the opportunities vast, the possibilities infinite, the goals attainable. You are already waking up. This stuff works! I guarantee it. I cannot deceive you.

    Mel Ash

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